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Simferopol Airport Transfer


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Simferopol Airport Transfer: Hassle-free Travel from the Airport to Your Destination

Are you planning a trip to Simferopol and looking for a convenient and stress-free way to travel from the airport to your accommodation? Look no further! Our Simferopol Airport Transfers service is here to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey for you.

Why Choose Our Simferopol Airport Transfer Service?

1. Reliability: When you step off the plane at Simferopol International Airport, you want a reliable transportation service waiting for you.

Our airport transfer service guarantees timely pickups and drop-offs, so you never have to worry about missing a flight or being late to your destination.

2. Professional Drivers: Our team of skilled and courteous drivers is dedicated to providing top-notch service. They are well-versed with the local routes and traffic conditions, ensuring a seamless journey from the airport to your desired location.

3. Comfort and Safety: Your comfort and safety are our top priorities. Our vehicles are well-maintained, equipped with modern amenities, and undergo regular safety checks. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride with complete peace of mind.

The Benefits of Pre-Booking Your Airport Transfer

1. Time-Saving: Pre-booking your airport transfer means no waiting in long taxi queues or searching for public transportation. Our driver will be ready to whisk you away to your destination as soon as you arrive.

2. Fixed Pricing: With our pre-booking service, you’ll know the exact cost of your transfer upfront. No hidden fees or surge pricing, just transparent and reasonable rates.

3. Personalized Service: Whether you’re travelling solo or with a group, our airport transfer service can accommodate your needs. We offer various vehicle options to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable journey for everyone.

Explore Simferopol with Ease

Once you’ve arrived in Simferopol, you’ll want to explore all the fantastic attractions the city has to offer. Here are some must-visit places:

1. Simferopol State Circus

Step into a world of wonder and amazement at the Simferopol State Circus. Enjoy captivating performances by talented artists and be mesmerized by thrilling acts that will leave you in awe.

2. Tauric Chersonese

History buffs will delight in visiting the ancient city of Tauric Chersonese. Explore the archaeological site, learn about its rich past, and marvel at the ancient ruins that still stand tall.

3. Salgirka Park

Escape the bustling city and unwind at Salgirka Park. Take a leisurely stroll amidst lush greenery, have a relaxing picnic, or simply sit back and enjoy the serene ambience.

4. Central Market of Simferopol

Immerse yourself in the local culture by visiting the Central Market of Simferopol. Wander through vibrant stalls, sample delicious local treats, and pick up unique souvenirs to cherish your trip.

How to Book Your Simferopol Airport Transfer

Booking your airport transfer with us is quick and straightforward. Follow these easy steps:

1. Online Booking: Visit our website and fill out the booking form with your travel details, including the date and time of your flight arrival and your destination.

2. Confirmation: Once you’ve submitted your booking request, you’ll receive a confirmation email with all the necessary information.

3. Relax and Enjoy: On the day of your arrival, our driver will be waiting for you at the airport, ready to provide you with a smooth and comfortable transfer experience.


Your journey to Simferopol begins the moment you land at the airport.

With our reliable and efficient airport transfer service, you can start your trip on the right foot.

Say goodbye to transportation worries and hello to a memorable and enjoyable travel experience.

Book your Simferopol Airport Transfers today and let us take care of your transportation needs. Happy travels!

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