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Qaqortoq Cruise Port Transfers Service

Cruise ship passengers typically use the Qaqortoq Port Transfer to get to Qaqortoq.

You only need to make an online reservation for a bus or taxi through to get to the city centre. It’s quick and easy.

Our low-cost option for private transportation to and from Qaqortoq Port is the Qaqortoq Port Taxi. It’s quick and simple. It only takes a few minutes to make an online reservation, which can save you half of the cost of using a meter taxi.

The best choice is to make use of our Qaqortoq Port Transfer service.

To ensure that your trip from the cruise port of Qaqortoq to any area of Qaqortoq goes according to plan, our knowledgeable drivers are always available.

You can save a taxi right away online and get help whenever you need it.

Credit cards and PayPal have accepted forms of payment.

To ensure a pleasant ride and compliance with all established health regulations, our qualified drivers adhere to Covid-19 regulations.

You can take a taxi to the Qaqortoq Cruise Port Taxi at any time, day or night. The obligations integrate giving transportation to and from additional trips, events, and visits to Qaqortoq, as well as giving secret hourly selection.

Excellent customer service before, during, and after the transaction, as well as dependable and skilled drivers. Your satisfaction is our main concern and our definitive goal.

This service is offered by Qaqortoq Cruise Port Transfers at a price that many people can afford. You can venture out to and from the Qaqortoq journey terminals in solace and style with Airport Collections.


To reach the Qaqortoq Cruise Port, you can either rent a car or take a taxi.

One of the most well-known vacation spots in Europe is the Qaqortoq port transfer.

We provide the most cost-effective means of transportation to other Qaqortoq cities and cruise ports. You can easily book a child-friendly taxi online to get around Qaqortoq. Due to their simplicity, securing a spot won’t be difficult

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